Saturday, April 12, 2008


We Buy, Sell or Trade or you can "List" Your Blog/or website with us and Pay us a small fee once it is sold!

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Current Blogs For Sale: Adsense Ads Included!

Ionized Water: With "Adsense Ads" ($300)

Healing Water: With "Adsense Ads" ($300)

Antioxidant Water: With "Adsense Ads" ($300)

Akaline Water: With "Adsense Ads" ($300)

Water4Life: With "Adsense Ads" ($300)

The Viet-Nam War: With Adsense ($500)

Franchise Your Business: With Adsense ($500)

Build a Money Making Website: With Adsense ($500)

The U.S. Insurance Advisor: With Adsense ($650)

The Parma, Ohio Democratic Club: With Adsense ($650)

The Parma Republican Club: With Adsense ($650)

The Parma Comedy Club: With Adsense ($650)

The Official Gold Investor: With Adsense ($750)

Conspiracy Links: With Adsense ($750)

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